Life Griffith, MSM, Advisor

is the CEO and visionary behind HEMP(HIGH END MUSIC PARTNERS). Life has an incredible way of translating golden ideas into profitable returns for his clients while using his WAR method and AR + AR x AR / AR = AR formula. Life is a partnership broker, former military strategist, and veteran music executive with over 25+ years experience in the business of entertainment. He has always been ahead of his time using analytical insight and problem solving skills to create new opportunities within the evolving entertainment environment. 

During his decade serving as a music executive he has held a variety of key executive positions starting as an intern at Rush Artist Management, Director of Promotion/Tour support at Perspective/A&M Records. Assistant editor of Hip Hop & R&B music at Hits Magazine. Co-Founder and Director of Promotions at Street Life/Scotti Bros Records.TVT Records/Radio Promotions.National Director of Rap Music at Warner Bro Records. National Director of Promotions at Kedar Entertainment /Universal Music Group and the manager of Urban Music and Artist Development at The Orchard. His past clients include Tribe Called Quest, Tragedy Khadafi, Janet Jackson, Rakim, Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Outkast and many more who have won more than a dozen Grammy Awards, sold over 100 million records, and generated over $500 million dollars in global receipts under his leadership. 

He is an active member of The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,Inc, Music Icon & The Living Legends Foundation and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Business Management from The American College of Financial Services. Life is currently enrolled at Emory Law School in Atlanta, GA with a focus on Transactional Law. 

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