Audra’s creative mind knows no bound. Her incredible talent in music and art are her springboard that catapults her love into the world

– Gary Brown, A.I. Marketing for Intel, Trombonist & Technologist

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If you are reading this it is likely you either have a community to connect with this effort, I would like to discuss your participation within our Team of Advisors, Board of Directors OR all of the above. The Plan is in motion. Please Connect!

The Plan

  • To unite creatives worldwide in order to expand creative connectivity across the globe, and maybe the universe. Potentially, the multiverse.
  • To penetrate the consciousness of humanity in order for human beings to realize that we are all creators. We are all just quantized bits of the same consciousness.
  • To excite and unite all of humanity into one, in order to march upon the world as one United front of creative individuals, all unique in self expression.
  • To bring awareness of the fact that each human embodies specific unique individuality that is important to each and every one of us as a whole.

The Mission

  • Connecting Creatives that wish to leave a positive imprint on humanity, impacting humankind Globally.
  • Moving as a Unified front of Global Creatives to help rectify resource allocation issues on Earth.
  • Providing mentorships & resources for Global Creatives of all ages.

This will happen via the Globally Connected website, via digital events & via live events.

Audra is a diligent and hugely talented person. She shows deep sensitivity within her creative capabilities and has a passionate sincerity that makes her irresistible as a person. She is very well educated and cosmopolitan in her approach to life. Along with the richness of her personality, compassion and humour – she has been a huge joy to work with. It is truly an honour to know and co create with her. 

– Gulrukh Khan, Award Winning International Filmmaker, Speaker & Activist


1 – The world is going through its greatest transformation in history.

Soul Phenomenon

– KDHX (88.1), in reference to Audra Angelique’s voice performing her original music
2 – Bigger than the Renaissance & the Industrial Age combined.

With Bernstein’s “Glitter & Be Gay”, Audra brought the house down showing not to be just a strong singer but also, a very strong actress

– The Oregonian, performance w/ the Oregon Symphony
3 We need a better way to collaborate globally.

Audra is phenomenal. She is a great person you want to work with

– Shelli Bradley, IATSE Costumer in TV/Film, Fashion Stylist
4 – My vision. Imagine.

Audra, I celebrate your beauty, self expression, and magic. I celebrate your authenticity, passion and joy! Your creative expression is unlike anyone I know. I celebrate your brilliant, genius mind. Your mind is a sacred rare stone.

– Steve Wiltshire, Founder & Coach – Lifeline Coaching & Education

Thank you for working to make our day special through music & entertainment! Thank you for being so kind and easy to work with.

-Anonomous Wedding Couple
6 – I can’t do this alone!

Audra is amazing. She is a powerhouse of creativity. I love her.

– Selena J, Nationally Syndicated Radio Personality, Meditation Lounge Founder
7 – The world needs us to unite more than ever!

This lady right here just kills it everywhere she goes. You have to respect when an artist is bringing something new to the table.

– Thelonius Kryptonite, Artist

Will you answer the call to support all creatives worldwide?

If your answer is YES continue below to join our movement!


What legacy do you want to imprint upon the world in order to shift humanity forward for the better?

Greetings. I am Audra Angelique. Thank you for finding GCU. Connecting with you is something I look, very much, forward to. Let’s work!

Audra’s energy is uplifting with a twist of reality wrapped up in extraordinary talent. I’m proud to have you as friend and spiritual sister. You have been able to embrace you soul’s message; to be strong and move forward in the new adventures to come. You can’t move forward if you choose to stand still. The way you inspire the spirit and motivate the soul is awesome.  Thank you for being a friend.

– True, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

Audra, You are everything you want others to be

– Mimi Gates, Music Industry Consultant