The Plan

  • To unite creatives worldwide in order to expand creative connectivity across the globe, and maybe the universe. Potentially, the multiverse.
  • To penetrate the consciousness of humanity in order for human beings to realize that we are all creators. We are all just quantized bits of the same consciousness.
  • To excite and unite all of humanity into one, in order to march upon the world as one United front of creative individuals, all unique in self expression.
  • To bring awareness of the fact that each human embodies specific unique individuality that is important to each and every one of us as a whole.

The Mission

  • Connecting Creatives that wish to leave a positive imprint on humanity, impacting humankind Globally.
  • Moving as a Unified front of Global Creatives to help rectify resource allocation issues on Earth.
  • Providing mentorships & resources for Global Creatives of all ages.

This will happen via our Globally Connected website, via digital events & via live events

Audra Angelique, GCU Founder

is “a powerhouse of creativity” with a “creative mind that knows no bound”.

It’s both resonate & jarring to hear words like this all your life (and actually believe them yourself). In my life I have been and am blessed to be able to attract and work with, from my perspective, some of the most powerfully creative and intelligent human beings on this planet (so far). I believe everyone is creator with unique gifts and purpose.

I dedicate my life to creating a legacy that leaves a positive imprint on humanity, leading by example, so we can continuously shift this world forward for the betterment of every living being (as well as all else). GCU is one way I believe I will be able to accomplish this.

CLEARLY NOT ALONE. We need each other!


Mark Patterson, Advisor

is the president of The Brand Artist, Inc., an international branding and product development firm based in Indianapolis. He is co-author of Generation BIG, the Rising Tide of Dreams to Action

Through his passion and creativity, Mark inspires and empowers individuals and businesses to reinvent themselves to master the challenges of 21st century life. Mark is a “level 10 creative” who works in Hollywood, Nashville, on Wall Street and Main Street helping people to discover, package and market their Unique Creativity™️ to make a difference in the world.

Evette Vargas, Advisor

is an award-winning writer, director, producer and immersive storyteller, featured in Forbes and named by the New York Times as an “Artist to Watch.” Vargas has produced series for Amazon, MTV, Bravo, DirectTV; and interactive content for Fast And Furious, Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Madonna and Wu-Tang Clan. Vargas executive produced, wrote and directed her digital series Dark Prophet, starring Henry Rollins, which was in contention for two Emmys.

Niel Deponte, Advisor

In his 43 years in the arts, arts education and management, while also serving on boards, steering committees, endowment campaign committees, union committees, and having started and run two non-profits, as well as being a Grammy-nominated performer, Niel has indeed seen, if not “it all”, then certainly a lot of the opportunities and challenges that exist in the fields of education, arts management, and in the area of his greatest interest, the quest for fostering creativity in the in both the public and private sectors.

Life Griffith, MSM, Advisor

is the CEO and visionary behind HEMP(HIGH END MUSIC PARTNERS). Life has an incredible way of translating golden ideas into profitable returns for his clients while using his WAR method and AR + AR x AR / AR = AR formula. Life is a partnership broker, former military strategist, and veteran music executive with over 25+ years experience in the business of entertainment. He has always been ahead of his time using analytical insight and problem solving skills to create new opportunities within the evolving entertainment environment.